Apps for Students with Autism

Apps for Visual Schedules

Choiceworks: by Bee Visual, LLC

First- Then Visual Schedule HD: by Good Karma Applications

Work System: by Visual Edvantage

Pocket Schedule: by Appxy

My Video Schedule: by Acceptional Possibilities LLC

I Get…My Schedules at School: by I Get It, LLC

I Get… My Daily Schedule: by I Get It, LLC

I Get…My Schedules at Home: by I Get It, LLC

Plan it, Do it, Check it Off: by I Get It, LLC

Apps for Visual Timers

YouTube Timer: by Touch Autism: Sets a time limit for being on YouTube.

Time Timer: by Time Timer, LLC

My Visual Timer for IPAD: By Royce Jacomen

Visual Timer: by Snap Tap

Apps for Visual Directions 

iDress: Weather to Dress

Functional Skills System Apps: by Conover Company

Going Places Model Me Kids


Apps for Visual Organization

iStudiez Pro: by iStudiez Team

Complete Class Organizer: Student Version: by AnimalBrainz Inc.

AudioNote: by Luminant Software, Inc.

iHomework: by Paul Pilone

Dragon Dictation: by Nuance Communications

Dragon Go: by Nuance Communications

Apps for Video Modeling

iMovie: $4.99

Splice: free

Camera Plus Pro: $1.99

Reel Director: $1.99

Videolicious: free

Action Movie: free

        Apps for Self-Management 

MeMoves™: by Thinking Moves

Sosh: by Dr. Mark Bowers

The Shredder: by Dr. Mark Bowers

Voice Meter: by Dr. Mark Bowers

Shrinky Anxiety: by Berger LCSW Enterprises, P.C.

Autism 5-Point Scale EP: by the Autism Society of Minnesota

Emotionary: by Me.Mu

Take a Chill – Stressed Teens: by Channel Capital, LLC

Zone of Regulation®: by Elosoft

My First Yoga: by Atom Group

The Adventures Super Stretch™: by The Adventures Super Stretch, LLC

Too Noisy Lite: by Walsall Academy

Tactical Breather: by The National Center for Telehealth Technology

Apps for Social Relations Skills

Hidden Curriculum for Adolescents and Adults: by AAPC

Hidden Curriculum for Kids: by AAPC

Strip Designer: by Vivid Apps

Super Duper “What Are They Thinking”: by Super Duper Publications

Take Turns: by Kringelbach It

Social Skill Builder: by Social Skill Builder, Inc.

I Get…My Classmates Photo Book: by I Get It, LLC

The Social Navigator: by Seven Minds

The Social Express: by The Language Express, Inc.

QuickCues: by Fraser

Quizzler Family: by Perkel Communications

Look in My Eyes apps: by Fizzbrain, LLC

Apps for Emotions

Touch and Learn – Emotions: by Innovative Mobile Apps

ABA Flash Cards and Games Emotions: by Innovative Mobile Apps

Emotions: by kindergarten

Autism Emotion™: by Model Me Kids

Emotions from I can Do Apps: by I Can Do Apps, LLC

Emotionx: by Dunedin Multimedia Limited

Expressions for Autism: by Club LIA