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Apps for Students with Autism

Apps for Visual Schedules

Choiceworks: by Bee Visual, LLC

First- Then Visual Schedule HD: by Good Karma Applications

Work System: by Visual Edvantage

Pocket Schedule: by Appxy

My Video Schedule: by Acceptional Possibilities LLC

I Get…My Schedules at School: by I Get It, LLC

I Get… My Daily Schedule: by I Get It, LLC

I Get…My Schedules at Home: by I Get It, LLC

Plan it, Do it, Check it Off: by I Get It, LLC

Apps for Visual Timers

YouTube Timer: by Touch Autism: Sets a time limit for being on YouTube.

Time Timer: by Time Timer, LLC

My Visual Timer for IPAD: By Royce Jacomen

Visual Timer: by Snap Tap

Apps for Visual Directions 

iDress: Weather to Dress

Functional Skills System Apps: by Conover Company

Going Places Model Me Kids


Apps for Visual Organization

iStudiez Pro: by iStudiez Team

Complete Class Organizer: Student Version: by AnimalBrainz Inc.

AudioNote: by Luminant Software, Inc.

iHomework: by Paul Pilone

Dragon Dictation: by Nuance Communications

Dragon Go: by Nuance Communications

Apps for Video Modeling

iMovie: $4.99

Splice: free

Camera Plus Pro: $1.99

Reel Director: $1.99

Videolicious: free

Action Movie: free

        Apps for Self-Management 

MeMoves™: by Thinking Moves

Sosh: by Dr. Mark Bowers

The Shredder: by Dr. Mark Bowers

Voice Meter: by Dr. Mark Bowers

Shrinky Anxiety: by Berger LCSW Enterprises, P.C.

Autism 5-Point Scale EP: by the Autism Society of Minnesota

Emotionary: by Me.Mu

Take a Chill – Stressed Teens: by Channel Capital, LLC

Zone of Regulation®: by Elosoft

My First Yoga: by Atom Group

The Adventures Super Stretch™: by The Adventures Super Stretch, LLC

Too Noisy Lite: by Walsall Academy

Tactical Breather: by The National Center for Telehealth Technology

Apps for Social Relations Skills

Hidden Curriculum for Adolescents and Adults: by AAPC

Hidden Curriculum for Kids: by AAPC

Strip Designer: by Vivid Apps

Super Duper “What Are They Thinking”: by Super Duper Publications

Take Turns: by Kringelbach It

Social Skill Builder: by Social Skill Builder, Inc.

I Get…My Classmates Photo Book: by I Get It, LLC

The Social Navigator: by Seven Minds

The Social Express: by The Language Express, Inc.

QuickCues: by Fraser

Quizzler Family: by Perkel Communications

Look in My Eyes apps: by Fizzbrain, LLC

Apps for Emotions

Touch and Learn – Emotions: by Innovative Mobile Apps

ABA Flash Cards and Games Emotions: by Innovative Mobile Apps

Emotions: by kindergarten

Autism Emotion™: by Model Me Kids

Emotions from I can Do Apps: by I Can Do Apps, LLC

Emotionx: by Dunedin Multimedia Limited

Expressions for Autism: by Club LIA


Hello and welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!

 We welcome these new faces to the LEASE office ...

Matt Winchester, Assistant Director

Jayme Salazar, Coordinator

Nicole Butt, Coordinator


Review Coordinator assignments here:

Please review the following links as a refresher to the services available through the L.E.A.S.E. website:

  • Login into the L.E.A.S.E. website through the “Login to LEASE Website” feature in the left hand column.

  • Login into netIEP by using the netIEP/PowerIEP link featured under “Quick Links” in the right hand column.

  • Register for a free Infinitec account. This link is featured under “Quick Links” in the right hand column of the L.E.A.S.E. website homepage.

  • Review the IEP forms list, found on the L.E.A.S.E. website “Resources” – select “Teachers” – select “Write an IEP” – select “netIEP form list”.

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  • Review upcoming professional development opportunities on the L.E.A.S.E. Event Calendar. The calendar link can be found on the  L.E.A.S.E. website menu.

 Available Classroom Services:

  • Student or classroom observation
  • Curriculum and assessment consultation
  • Guidance with developing and implementing behavior interventions
  • Recommend and/or train in the use of academic interventions
  • Co-teaching support
  • Assist with short and long-term planning and scheduling
  • Assist in the improvement and updating of methods, materials and/or techniques
  • Technical assistance through phone, email, or meeting


OTHS Transition Program introduces "Safe Now" business

Ottawa Township High School’s Transition Program serves young adults with disabilities ages 18-21 who work to gain functional job, social, and life skills. The transition house provides students the opportunity to gain and practice these skills in a home life setting. Students were observed planning their weekly schedule, which included the chores they would be responsible for in the house.

Rachael empties the dryer, Megan folds the clean towels, and Raven prepares a morning beverage.

As a part of the program, instructor Kate McIntyre has initiated a work project in the transition house. Students are a part of a small business in which they bottle and label liquid hand soap for resale. Jobs include filling the soap bottles, capping the bottles, ensuring the bottles are wiped clean, custom labeling, and finally quality control.

Kylee fills bottles of “Safe Now”.  

The soap, “Safe Now”, is fully biodegradable, earth-friendly, and has no added fragrance or coloring. The soap is currently for sale in four retail locations, LaynaBella’s, Handy Foods, Jeremiah Joes, and the OSF hospital gift shop. The soap is $4.00 and any profits benefit the OHS transition house.  


“Safe Now” is available at Ottawa Handy Foods.


For more information contact Kate McIntyre at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Leland Special Olympics Spring Game Athletes


On Saturday, May 2, athletes from Leland School participated in the Special Olympics Spring Games.  They paraded onto the field at Hall High School proudly displaying the Leland banner.  Kendall T. helped pass the Olympic torch to the next athlete. 

Kendall received a participation ribbon for Tennis Ball Throw and the 50m run.  Braden H. earned 2 bronze medals, one for Softball Throw and one for 50m run.  Jonathan M. earned a 4th place ribbon for Softball Throw and a gold medal for the 50m run.  Jonathan’s gold medal earns him a place at the State Summer Games in Bloomington/Normal the weekend of June 12-14th.


Special Olympics Athletes Represent Leland CUSD1


3rd graders Jonathan, Mason, and Braden show off their awards from the Special Olympics Individual Basketball Skills Competition.

Leland CUSD1 students from Tari Jansen's PAALS1 and Lisa Harness's PAALS2 programs traveled to Granville, IL to complete in the Special Olympics Individual Basketball Skills competition.

Passing, dribbling, and shooting skills were a few of the competitions that took place during the event on January 17th.

3rd graders Mason and Jonathan both earned 1st place finishes and will move on to the State competition in Bloomington on March 14th.